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Objectives and stages of the project
Project Objectives:
The project aims to enumerate and document geographical place names by introducing them, knowing their significance, controlling their writing, determining the coordinates of their locations, classifying and subordinating them, and creating a digital model for them in accordance with the international specifications adopted in this regard, and keeping them in a digital database with geographical reference.

Project stages:
The first stage:
The preparation stage, studying the project area, reviewing the available references, preparing a field work plan, including navigation devices and means of transportation, and addressing the officials in the project area.

The second stage:
Field work and field verification for the collection and inventory of geographical names, including preparing final maps for the project, lists of approved names, and attachments with names from registration, copies, and the final report.

The third stage:
Completion of office work, including Romanization and linking them to their locations based on digital maps.

The fourth stage:
Saving geographical place names data in a database of geographical place names according to the specifications specified by GCS

The fifth stage:
Preparing the final report of the project, including all project related drafts.
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