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Objectives and stages of the project
Project Objectives:
The project aims to unify efforts and enhance integration of the geospatial information system between government agencies and build a joint geospatial database and publish it through the national geospatial platform so that other parties can benefit from it in several fields (such as: urban planning, crisis and disaster management, environmental protection, economic and social studies).

Project stages:
The first stage:
Collecting geospatial data from the main government agencies

The second stage:
Inventory and classify the data received from the main government agencies

The third stage:
Evaluate the data received (accuracy, scale, metadata ... etc.)

The fourth stage:
Create model / Unified data structure

The Fifth stage:
Migrating data to model / Unified data structure

The Seventh stage:
Combine multi-spectral images with black and white images

The Sixth stage: 
Disseminating data via the national geospatial platform
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