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Project name:
Project to establish floating monitoring stations
Project Type:
Continuous marine data monitoring project
Duration of the project:  24 months
Project end date:  August 31, 2015
Project scope of work: 
  • Providing two marine floats with all their sensors and accessories through King Abdullah University for Science and Technology.
  • The two floats are lowered at the two sites specified by the General Commission for survey GCS using the Global Positioning System (WGS84) while ensuring that all weather and marine weather conditions in the area are tolerated in different seasons.
The coordinates of the two floats:
(22° 10.031' N, 38° 29.308' E)
(23° 32.633 N, 38° 07.789' E)
  • Install the sensors in their specified locations, and conduct the required tests to ensure that they work in the correct way.
  • Ensure data access to the GCS.
  • Training the GCS’s employees on operating and maintaining the two floats and analyzing and processing their data.
  • 18 months warranty from the date of official delivery (including anchors and their sensors / items with insurance, replacement, safety, security and preventive maintenance).
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