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Project Objectives:
Producing modern global nautical charts in both paper (PNC) and electronic parts (ENC) that meet the specifications of the (IHO) and (IMO) to support and safety of maritime traffic in the Saudi marine areas.
Producing national maps for (CZMC) and using them in planning, research, decision-making support and meeting the requests of beneficiaries of marine geospatial data at the level of the governmental and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Project stages:
The first stage:
This stage of work will be completed within one month of the work site being handed over to the contractor, and the work to be completed during the first phase must include at least the following:
  • Providing qualified employees who will implement the project at the main headquarters of the GCS in Riyadh after obtaining all the permits and visas required to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  • Obtaining the necessary permits to enter the GCS building. 
  • Installing the programs and applications of Computer Auxiliary Information Systems (CARIS) and all other programs and the keys and licenses to operate these programs through the General Administration of Information Technology in GCS.
The second stage:
Implementation and delivery of outputs
The second operational phase will take place directly after the first phase, and it will consist of all the remaining works necessary to complete the project, and the second phase must be completed from the date of handing over the site to the contractor after obtaining the necessary approvals and permits to complete the project work, and the contractor in this phase delivers all project outputs within a period of 12 (1 + 11) months.

The third stage:
The contractor is responsible for ensuring all marine charts products and outputs under the contract for a period of 12 months from the date of final delivery of all data and outputs and during the warranty period, the contractor is fully responsible for correcting and completing the following:
  • Any data or output that was displayed inappropriately as well as any missing piece of data and output.
  • Completing any form of deficiency in the project's work and clarifying all related issues based on the quality control and assurance reports of the project outputs submitted by the GCS.
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