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Objectives and stages of the project
Project Objectives:
This project aims to collect Hydrography in the Red Sea, for the purpose of production of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), Paper Nautical Charts (PNC), to achieve the safety of marine navigation in accordance with the specifications and requirements of (IHO) and the (IMO) as well as the production of Coastal Zone Management Charts (CZMC) and provision of data Maritime beneficiaries.

Project stages:
The first stage:
Providing marine vessels and plane and calibrating devices.
This stage of work will be completed after handing over the work site to the contractor, and the work that will be done during the first stage, must include at least the following:
  • Providing the employees to work for the project and all the permits and visas required to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.
  • Its standards are hardware, systems and all other scanning software.
The second stage:
Implementation of the project, where all data will be delivered according to the division of the region to start the process of Production of Hydrographic Charts.
The project implementation phase will take place immediately after the first stage, and Hydrography to measure depths, classify the seabed, determine navigational obstacles by plane (LiDAR ), comprehensive depths and side Hydrography device, in addition to using marine vessels to cover the spaces resulting from the non-coverage in the RADAR, For the purpose of Production  of ENC and PNC and for the purpose of maritime safety in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the (IHO) and (IMO) as well as Production CZMC and providing marine data to decision makers.

The third stage:
Finalize the project, deliver the project outputs, and submit the final reports
The contractor at this stage delivers all project outputs and submits the final project reports.
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