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What we do
To carry on its vital mandate to support different national stakeholders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information ​(GASGI) main focus is to cover the following fields of services and activities:​
  • ​​Geodetic Surveys: focusing on the different branches of earth sciences related to geological structures and other topics of interest.
  • Topographic Surveys: studying the different areas of the Kingdom’s land surface and producing topographic maps with terrain, water and man-made specific features.
  • Hydrographic Surveys: aiding mariners to meet their requirements. in addition to nautical charting.
  • Nautical Charting.
  • National Tide Guage Network.
While providing the above deliverables and services, GASGI utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, standards, methodologies, data gathering stations, and highly qualified human resources In order to facilitate and regulate access to the myriad of information developed and owned by GASGI , a Geospatial Information Center (GIC) was established to consolidate this data in a manner which empowers GASGI to promptly provide information efficiently and in its ideal form.
​GASGI determined at the outset to base its strategies, policies and procedures on the best practices of other similar organizations and institutions worldwide, considering the specific nature of the local environment and its requirements. Thorough studies, strong cooperation and academic affiliations were conducted to ensure that GASGI ​​best utilizes its resources, securing best fulfillment of its mandate.​​​​