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Geospatial Information Dissemination
​​GCS established the Geospatial Information Center (GIC) as a foundational unit to be the integrator and disseminator of geospatial information for GCS as well as related features and associated metadata. As depicted here, GIC is the center of GCS information flow responsible to identify and evaluate the sources, information processes and quality management aspects of the data. 
As GIC is mandated to be the GCS’s information center, GIC must proceed with a number of implementation strategies in order to realize its objectives. Some of these strategies are:​​
  • Develop integrated geospatial database and information systems.
  • Provide for the management, archiving, maintenance and publishing of GCS geospatial data.
  • Promote, develop, manage and maintain the GCS Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).
  • Provide administrative and technical support to the National GIS Committee.
  • Provide geospatial information systems studies and development projects for stakeholders.​
GIC is building an integrated, seaml​ess, fine-grained, temporal geo-database in accordance with international standards. This geo-database is a critical success component for the GIC and it demands a high level of analysis, design and development.​
The proper understanding of the various stakeholder units and functions of GCS is dependent on qualifying the roles and responsibilities for information creation, production, processing, and storage at GCS. This also will ensure that all the relevant stakeholders and their various domains of knowledge are incorporated into the scope of the GIC's projects.
All data production efforts conducted within GCS will feed into the GIC distribution database to be the source for all information disseminated by GCS, including online information through the Geo Portal Website, in addition to all print and digital media. In particular, the production of standard and custom map products (cartography) will be based on this database, with the integration of information coming from multiple external sources.