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Location Services from Continuous Operation Reference Stations National Network (KSACORS)

Network Real-Time Kinematic ( NRTK )

Network subscribers working in the field can determine their locations in centimeter accuracy by activating the network kinematic monitoring services in their devices to receive corrective messages received from the network control center by using the GPRS / 3G / 4G communication means, as the access point name is NRTK_VRS_KSAGRF17_RTCM_3_1  The TCP / IP port number is 2101.

Real-Time Differential GNSS (DGNSS)

The KSACORS network provides its users with access to DGNSS services

 Accurately precisely parts of a meter through differential correction messages from the network control center based on pseudo-range and code-based methods and using GPRS / 3G / 4G communication.  As the access point name is NDGPS_VRS_KSAGRF17_RTCM_2_3 and the TCP / IP port number is 2101.

Single station Real-Time Kinematic

The access point name for this service is NEAREST_RTK_KSAGRF17_TRCM_3_1 and the TCP / IP port number is 2101.

KSACORS Online Post Processing

Online positioning data processing services are services provided by the KSACORS network on the Internet for conducting desktop processing operations for positioning data.  The service handles positioning data for users from setting the STATIC within the borders of the Kingdom, whatever the monitoring period.  The service allows users to upload their monitoring files to the network's website and then process it.  The service is based on the Trimble Pivot Platform app.

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