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Official Map of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Type: Topographic Line Map
Scale: 1:2,000,000
Language(s): English
Description: A map that provides users with a reliable national reference for general purpose applications, and is intended to be used for strategic planning, feature location and identification.
Detailed Information: Map content contains the following:

  • Urban and isolated population centers.
  • Natural drainage and water res​ource facilities.
  • Transportation networks, national and international road numbers and distances.
  • Communication and power networks and facilities.
  • Industrial facilities.
  • Natural vegetation and cultivated areas.
  • Ground surface types.
  • Ground elevations shown in meters, represented by contours, spot heights, and elevation layer tints. Map landform shadows are shown by hill shading. Sea depths are shown by bathymetric contours and tints.
  • A one degree (1°) spacing, longitude - latitude graticule.
  • Descriptive text (place / feature names etc.) All numeric values are in Arabic (Latin) format.
  • International land or maritime borders are shown only for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Map Coverage: Approximately twenty-five degrees, by twenty degrees (25° E-W x 20° N-S) The map detail coverage is for the whole of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only, with areas outside of the Kingdom shown by landmass area or coastline.
Source(s): This map is mainly derived from the GCS 1:250,000 scale, Joint Operations Graphic (1501 JOG) military series. Additional compilation data was obtained from various KSA Ministry sources (e.g. new / upgraded roads from the Ministry of Communication).
Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic, Spheroid WGS 84, Horizontal Datum WGS 84 and Vertical Datum is Mean Sea Level (Jeddah ’69). Standard Parallels at 17° and 33°, Longitude, Latitude of Origin at 48° and 26° respectively.
Format: Product is available as digital  Raster, Geo-Tiff format, via digital medium or download as requested. High quality paper prints on request.
Printed Size: The trimmed dimensions for both media type versions of this map are 1,385 mm by 1,200 mm.

To Download the Product(Size 33.3​MB - Arabic):Click ​here​​

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