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General Plastic Relief map of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Type: A small plastic relief (3D) map.
Usage: General reference for schools etc.
Scale: 1:8,000,000
Language(s): English
Description: A plastic relief (3D) general map showing the Kingdom’s major cities and transportation routes. It also highlights surface and terrain features, and shows the international boundaries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and locations of other countries in the Arabian Peninsula.
Map Coverage: Covers the entire territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, countries in the Arabian Peninsula, and parts of neighboring countries outside the Arabian Peninsula. Topographic content is only portrayed within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Coordinates: Geographic location ticks are placed on the map extent at every five degrees of longitude and latitude.
Geodetic Datums: WGS 84 is the horizontal datum, and the mean sea level vertical datum is Jeddah 1969.
Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic, with standard parallels at 17 and 33 degrees latitude.
Format: The product is first printed on a plastic heat deformable sheet base, the relief (3D) effect made by subsequent registered printed map sheet vacuum forming on top of a heated elevation model.​
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