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Type: Road Map
Scale: 1:3,000,000
Language(s): Bilingual (Arabic / English)
Description: This product is intended to be used for inter-city/inter-town road travel, planning, and populated place location. Due to scale, it is not suitable for urban road travel use. It provides users with a reliable national reference for inter-city/inter-town road travel.
Detailed Information: Map content contains the following:

  • Urban and isolated population centers.
  • Transportation networks and facilities, national and international road numbers and distances.
  • A table of distances between major city centers, and common road warning signs.
  • Map landform is represented by digital hill shading, and sea depths are shown by bathymetric contours and tints.
  • A one degree (1°) spacing, longitude - latitude graticule.
  • Populated place names only. Numeric values are in Hindi and Arabic (Latin) format.
  • International land or maritime borders are shown only for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Map Coverage: Approximately twenty-five degrees, by twenty degrees (25° E-W x 20° N-S). The map detail coverage is for the whole of the Arabian Peninsula, with areas outside of the Peninsula shown by landmass area or coastline.
Projection & Datums:Lambert Conformal Conic, Spheroid WGS 84, Horizontal Datum WGS 84 and Vertical Datum is Mean Sea Level (Jeddah ’69). Standard Parallels at 17° and 33°, Longitude, Latitude of Origin at 48° and 26° respectively.
Format: Product is available as digital GDB, Raster, Geo-Tiff and Shape File format, via digital medium or download as requested. High quality paper prints on request.
Printed Size: The trimmed paper dimensions for the printed map are 895 mm by 772 mm.​

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