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Saudi Arabia National Spatial Reference System (SANSRS) is:
  • A consistent reference system that defines Cartesian coordinates, longitude, latitude, height, scale, gravity and orientation throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • A system which allows users to precisely determine and express locations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as to quantify changes of the Earth and its gravity field in space and time.
  • Designed to meet national economic, social and environmental needs and is used in all applications & services for positioning in horizontal and vertical directions. Also, all existing geospatial products & services are referenced to it.
The SANSRS consists of the following geodetic components:
  • Geodetic Reference Frame (KSA-GRF) .
  • Vertical Reference Frame (KSA-VRF) .
  • Geoid Model (KSA-GEOID)
You can find more details about SANSRS in Technical Summary for SANSRS.

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