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​​KSA-VRF14 is the latest realization of National Vertical Reference System (NVRS) that is based on in-situ observations from Tide Gauge Stations, precise levelling, gravity data, satellite altimetry and GOCE data.
The main characteristics of KSA-VRF14 are as follows:

Height system type

Helmert-orthometric Above Mean Sea Level at JEDDAH Tide Gauge 

Least-Square Adjustment type

Fixed geo-potential number above MSL of Jeddah TGBM-B 

Physical Realization Benchmarks

Physical Realization Grid Interpolation


Tidal system

Tide Free 

Primary Benchmark

Jeddah TGBM-B 


21.49981 [degree]


39.16161 [degree]

Fixed height above Mean Sea Level of Jeddah TGBM-B

1.7446 [m] 


2014.75 year

For more information about KSA-VRF14 and transformation to other Vertical Reference Frames in KSA, you can check SANSRS Technical Summary (Click h​ere​) (Page No. 19)


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