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​KSA-GRF17 is unified geodetic reference frame for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA-GRF) is defined in such a way that it (1) coincides with ITRF2014 at the epoch 2017.0 and (2) is co-moving with the stable part of the Arabian tectonic plate.

KSA-GRF17 is established on the base of the GNSS observation data of the National Continuously Operating Reference Station Network (KSA-CORS) and CORS Networks of other organizations. It is realized by 333 GNSS stations in Saudi Arabia which are provided with high precision coordinates of the millimetre level accuracy determined in KSA-GRF17.

To simplify user access to KSA-GRF17 through GIS and geodetic software it was registered in the international geodetic registry global database of geodetic coordinate reference systems: European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG).

For more information about KSA-GRF17 and transformation to other Geodetic Reference Frames in KSA, you can check SANSRS Technical Summary (Click here) (Page No. 10)

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