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KSA-GEOID21 is the most recent Geoid Model in the kingdom after Prevoius geoid models.
 KSA-GEOID21 is a hybrid geoid model for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia determined by using land & ship-borne pointwise data together with GASGI GPS levelling data, airborne gravity and satellite altimetry gridded data. 
The KSA-GEOID21 is a major component of KSA-VRF, which allows to compute Orthometric heights for the points over KSA different from KSA-NVN benchmarks.
Accuracy of KSA-GEOID21 is more homogeneous through the Kingdom compared to KSA-GEOID17 due to the better distribution of input data. The average accuracy of derived geoid height from KSA-GEOID21 is better than 2 cm for the entire kingdom.

For more information about KSA- GEOID17 and transformation for other Geoid Models in KSA, you can  check SANS​RS Technical Summary Tools:
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