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Digital Terrain Elevation Data Level 2 (DTED2)
Type: Digital Terrain Elevation Data.
Usage: Getting to know the landform, shapes and methods of 3D digital representation of the earth surface, simulators, and the possibility of exchanging electro-magnetic signal.   
Description: A uniform matrix of terrain elevation values in 15' X 15' geographical cells with uniform spacing of 1 arc second or approximately 30 meters.  
Sources: data derived , compiled and produced from 50K base Map topographic line map.
Map Coverage: covers most parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
Geo-reference: World Geographical System (Geo Ref). 
Geodetic Datums: WGS 84 is the horizontal Datum and mean sea level is the vertical Datum (Jeddah 1969).
Format: Magnetic CD-ROMs which, in addition to the Digital Terrain Elevation Data, contain such supplementary data as digital Mean Elevation Data (DMED) which provides statistical information for the digital file of the elevation data to each 15' X 15' cell, in addition to the Names file and the help and methods of use file.

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