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Base Maps
​​​​​​​​Type: Base Map
Usage: Used for planning, engineering projects and object location in addition to research and detail study purpose. Other general purpose uses include on-foot or vehicle and navigation. 
Scale: Large scale 1:50,000​
Language(s): Bilingual (Arabic/English)
Description: Topographic map with civilian applications containing information on:
  • Urban population centers, isolated and rural buildings.
  • Transportation networks/facilities distance and destinations along with telecommunications and electricity networks and facilities.
  • Industrial and agricultural facilities, plantations, water and drainage structures and facilities.
  • Vegetation, natural land surface features and terrain of the coverage area, and heights in meters above sea level indicated by contour lines, spot heights and color shading.
  • Names of places and features, natural and cultural features.
Map Coverage: Each map of this type covers a geographical area of 15 longitudinal minutes from East to West by 15 transverse minutes from North to South (15' longitudinal X 15' transversal).
Coordinates: the geographic grid is formed by longitudes and latitudes intersecting to shape the grid square of 1 minute by 1 minute each.
Geographic Datums: WGS 84 is the horizontal Datum and mean sea level is the vertical Datum (Jeddah 1969).
Projection: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
Format: product is available in digital GDB, Raster, Geo Tiff and shape files format via digital medium as requested . High quality paper prints available on request.