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  •  Map viewer
    The Geoportal's map viewer is a web-based application that allows user to view map and associated data that has been made available by GCS. Many maps are provided with searches to help user to locate a feature on the map or perform a specific task as well as to print and email the map to other individuals.
    1. ​​Search
      Map-based searching allows user to search for a map feature or an address and then display its location on the map. A search can help user to locate map features, such as an address, intersection, building, closest community center or an empty lot for development.
    2. Down​load
      It is GCS vision to share spatial data and map products with the citizens. To enable this vision, the Download Center feature in GCS Geoportal acts as a one-stop shop for the users to browse and download the GCS map products, vector and aerial data. Different user groups may have different levels of access to the GCS map products and spatial data.
    3. ​​Identify
      The Identify tool displays additional information associated with a map feature.  Information can be viewed by selecting the Identify tool and clicking an area on the map. This action opens the More Information dialog box where information can be viewed for the selected layer for that map area.
  • ​CAD upload
    The Submit CAD Drawings feature is available only to professional and business user group. Though GCS is responsible for providing updated base maps, GCS encourages professional and business users to submit data in form of CAD drawings. This helps in updating the data without waiting for the next cycle of data update through photogrammetry or survey.
  • ​Geo-Collaboration
    The GCS Geoportal hosts the Geo-collaboration feature, which enables authorized government agencies and partner organizations to create and publish maps.
    This feature allows GCS to publish detailed base maps that the users can use to create and publish custom maps. The users can create a new map by using the base maps published by GCS for its partners and government agencies, and by adding their own data as map services.
    Users can then publish the new map that can be viewed in the map viewer or can be embedded in other sites.