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Authority's Digital Transformation Strateg
Authority's Digital Transformation Strateg
Target Position ​​ Providing national geospatial services in digital format according to the international best practices, thus contributing to achievement of the national strategy for digital transformation.
Key Initiative - Governance
  1. Operationalized the Enterprise Architecture (EA) Office
  2. Activating Managed Services
  3. GASGI’s E-Transactions Committee governance
  4. GASGI’s Cybersecurity Supervisory Committee Governance
  5. Updating the processes, policies and procedures
  6. Operating the data office
Key Initiative -Infrastructure
  1. Updating substantive and technical support
  2. Upgrading data center servers and systems
  3. Developing the network and communication systems
  4. Umbrella agreements for the supply of technical equipment and licenses
  5. Establishing a data center in the government cloud (DEEM)
Key Initiative – Cybersecurity
  1. Updating national geospatial information security
  2. Updating information security operations center management services
  3. Digital investigation and security coordination
  4. Enhancing cybersecurity for GASGI's services in accordance with the requirements of the National Cybersecurity Authority
  5. Update the cybersecurity policies, standards and procedures
  6. Establishing the disaster recovery center
  7. Data encoding and protection
Key Initiative – E-Services
  1. Develop the national geospatial platform
  2. Develop GASGI internal portal
  3. Develop the national network platform for (CORS)
  4. Develop the smart phone application
  5. Develop the national network platform for tidal stations
  6. Develop the KSA Atlas platform
  7. Develop the geospatial licensing and permits platform
  8. Operating the Digital Accreditation Center
  9. Develop the geospatial standards platform
  10. Develop the GASGI’s external portal
  11. Develop the Users' pilot using the platforms
  12. Develop the Projects Management System
  13. Integrating with the Government Open Data Platform
  14. Develop a strategy management system
  15. Develop the administrative communication and archive system
  16. Develop the asset management system
  17. Develop the internal audit system
  18. Develop e- government resource systems
Key Initiative – National capacities
  1. Improving the GASGI’s staff in digital transformation
  2. Raising awareness of GASGI's staff about digital transformation
  3. Improving digital transformation leaders
Key Initiative – Artificial Intelligence
  1. Establishing the Geospatial Artificial Intelligence Center

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