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Sacred Sites Map

Type: Guidance Maps for Cities and Urban Areas
Usage: General Purpose Maps
Scale: Large topographic scale 50k
Language(s): Bilingual (Arabic / English)
Description: Large scale maps similar to basic topographic maps and are essentially line maps or maps with background image depicting all natural or manmade geographic objects along
with their geographic names.
Map Coverage: Coverage differs from one city to another depending

on how large the city is and on the expansion of its
Coordinates: The geographic grid is formed by longitudes and latitudes
intersecting to shape the grid squares.
Geodetic Datums: WGS 84 is the horizontal Datum and mean sea level is the vertical Datum (Jeddah1969).
Projection: Universal transverse Mercator (UTM).
Format : Product is available in digital DGN, Raster, Geo Tiff and Shape files format via digital medium as requested.

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