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General Map of the KSA(1:10,000,000)

Type: General Map at small scale.
Usage: Guidance/School map.
Scale: Horizontal scale 1:10,000,000
Language(s): Arabic
Description: A general map showing the Kingdom’s major cities and transportation routes. It also highlights the Kingdom’s surface and terrain features and shows the international boundaries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Arabian Peninsula.
Map Coverage: Covers the entire territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, other countries in the Arabian Peninsula and parts of the neighboring countries outside the Peninsula .
Coordinates: The geographic grid.
Geodetic Datums: WGS 84 is the horizontal Datum and mean sea level is the vertical Datum (Jeddah1969).
Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic Projection.
Format: Product is available in digital DGN, Raster, Geo Tiff and Shape files format via digital medium as requested.

High quality paper prints available on request.

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