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Saudi Arabia National Spatial Reference System (SANSRS)
Saudi Arabia National Spatial Reference System (SANSRS) is:
  • A consistent reference system that defines Cartesian coordinates, longitude, latitude, height, scale, gravity and orientation throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • A system which allows users to precisely determine and express locations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as to quantify changes of the Earth and its gravity field in space and time.
  • Designed to meet national economic, social and environmental needs and is used in all applications & services for positioning in horizontal and vertical directions. Also, all existing geospatial products & services are referenced to it.
The SANSRS consists of the following geodetic components:
  • Geodetic Reference Frame (KSA-GRF) 
    KSA-GRF is defined in such a way that:
    (1)   It coincides with the latest ITRF (ITRF2014) at epoch 2017.
    (2)   It is co-moving with the stable part of the Arabian tectonic plate.
    KSA-GRF is established based on the GNSS observation data of the National Continuously Operating Reference Stations Network (KSA-CORS) and CORS Networks of other organizations. The first and latest realization of this GRF is named KSA-GRF17.

  • Vertical Reference Frame (KSA-VRF) 
    KSA-VRF is based on in-situ observations from Tide Gauge Stations, precise leveling, gravity data, satellite altimetry and GOCE data. The last realization of this VRF is named KSA-VRF14.

  • Geoid Model (KSA-GEOID)
    KSA-Geoid is a hybrid model based on gravimetric geoid, which utilizes land & shipborne gravity pointwise and grid data together with satellite data (altimetric & gravity satellite missions data).

  • Saudi Arabia Geodetic Infrastructure 
    It includes different geodetic networks (3D GNSS CORS, horizontal, vertical, tide gauge & gravity), together with necessary data from other satellite techniques and Earth observations. It supplies the data and information for the definition of the SANSRS components above.

  • Transformation parameters and tools
    It is used for transformation between existing reference frames in KSA and components of SANSRS.