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​KSA-Geoid is a hybrid model based on gravimetric geoid, which utilizes land & shipborne gravity pointwise and grid data together with satellite data (altimetric & gravity satellite missions data).
GASGI has developed an accurate, geocentric geoid (KSA-GEOID17) with centimeter accuracy, combining all available relevant data in the Kingdom. GCS has utilized land gravity data and information from NGN and ARAMCO covering the Kingdom together with ship-borne gravity points over Arabian Gulf and Red Sea from NOAA/NGDC and ARAMCO. In addition, DTU13 satellite altimetry gravity anomalies on 0.05 x 0.05 resolution grid over Red Sea and Arabian Gulf are extracted from DTU13 global solution. 
KSA-GEOID17 has a grid resolution of 1’*1’, and the accuracy of Geoid Heights derived from it is not homogeneous due to distribution of the data used in its computation. The expected accuracy of geoid heights from KSA-GEOID17 is as following: 
  • ≈2-3 cm in East of KSA
  • ≈10-20 cm in the rest of the Kingdom.

For more information about KSA- GEOID17 and transformation for other Geoid Models in KSA, you can check SANSRS Technical Summary (Click here)

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