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KSA-CORS is a network of reference stations which is continuously operating to track GNSS satellites and stream the data to the network control center.
General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information (GASGI) has established The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Continuously Operating Reference Station (KSA-CORS) network . The network has 209 active stations 
The KSA-CORS  network aims to provide a reliable and accurate GNSS positioning service across the network. As well, to realize, distribute and maintain the national geodetic reference frame KSA-GRF17. 
KSA-CORS provides to the users the following products:
  • GNSS RAW data files
  • Virtual RINEX files

KSA-CORS provides to the users the following services:
  • GNSS Raw Data Download
  • Network RTK, RTK and DGNSS

To register for the KSA-CORS services, you can apply the following procedure:
  1. Go to KSACORS website
  2. Select “Register” from the Left hand menu.
  3. Download “registration form” from the website.
  4. Fill, sign and scan it then send it to
  5. KSACORS team will send you back your username and password
    -   You can change your password later when you log in.
For more information regarding Health information of KSA-CORS Reference Stations, you can check KSA-CORS Sensor Map.

User Guidelines

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