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​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an area of approximately 2 million square kilometers, a total coastline length of 3,800 km​, and about 1,285 Saudi Islands scattered in its territorial waters in both the Red Sea,Gulf of Aqaba and the Arabian Gulf.
​GASGI provides KSA with national geospatial data and information, and updates it on regular basis. The management of this geospatial data and information is necessary in supporting the numerous activities carried out by government authorities, private enterprises and academic institutions, who recognize their vital role in the planning and implementation of existing or new projects.
   GASGI provides geospatial data and information in many different forms, such as 1:25,000 scale through 1:2,000,000 scale topographic maps, which are regularly updated and published.
GASGI is also committed to comply with a number of requirements and specifications as imposed by international organizations and international conventions such as the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other international organizations and conventions. This is done through the provision of a series of products including Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) and Paper Nautical Charts (PNCs), along with a set of periodical publications such as Notices to Mariners.
​On request, GASGI ​also provides other types of specialized information to academic institutions and research institutions.
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