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Ortho Image - 1:50,000 scale extent
Product Type: Image Map from Digital Aerial Photographs
​Usage: used as substitutes to topographic maps for areas for which there are no topographic line maps or those with old outdated maps. But they should be geo-reference maps. 
Scale: 1: 50.000 scale ​
Resolution: 50 cm
Geographic Coverage: they cover an area of 15’ longitude×15’ latitude or the equivalent of 27 km × 27 km.
Coordinates: the geographic grid of longitudes and latitudes crisscross in the form of squares.
Geodetic Reference: the horizontal reference is the World Geodetic System 84 (WGS 84),The vertical reference is the Mean Sea Level (Jeddah 1969).
Format: digital Geo Tiff format files, on a digital production medium per user request or high quality paper-printed products per user requirement.   
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