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Ortho Images

Product Type: Image Map produced from Aerial Photos .
Usage: Used as replacement of topographic maps for areas that have no lines maps or whose maps are too old. Geo-reference 
Scale: Seamless for all are​a coverage of the project and in scale 1:25,000 and 1:50,000
Description: Image map with information on:

  • Urban and rural population centers, Transportation networks/facilities, also telecommunications and electricity networks and facilities.
  • Industrial and agricultural facilities, water and drainage structures and facilities, vegetation
Map Coverage: Seamless coverage for all the project
Map with scale 1:25,000 cover area (7.5' longitude × 7.5' latitude) which equals to 13.5km × 13.5km
Map with scale 1:50,000 cover area (15' longitude × 15' latitude) which equals to 27km × 27km
Coordinates: The geographic grid is formed by longitudes and latitudes intersecting to shape the grid square .
Geographic Datum: WGS 84 is the horizontal Datum and mean sea level is the vertical Datum (Jeddah 1969).
Projection: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
Format: Geo-Tiff files format via digital medium as requested. High quality paper prints available


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