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National Vertical Network
National Vertical Network (NVN) is a network of geodetic benchmarks established based on National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Standards,
General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information (GASGI) established the network to achieve the following objectives:
  • Compute the GEOID model for the kingdom.
  • Production of High accuracy topographic maps.
  • Build Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for the Kingdom.
  • Executing of projects such as roads and pipelines with high accuracy.
  • Leveling of agriculture area and construction of irrigation channels.
  • Contribute in establishing Urban planning works and the relevant services network.
  • Study crustal deformation.
The National Vertical Network (NVN) was utilized as a realization of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vertical Reference System - the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vertical Reference Frame Jeddah 2014 (KSA-VRF14).  National Vertical Network (NVN) consist:
  • Observations: precise geodetic levelling
  • Benchmarks: 3893
  • Leveling lines: 88
  • Average distance between benchmarks: 6 km
  • Total length of network: 22869 km
  • Provisional Accuracy: 1.03 mm * √S, where S is in [km]
  • Precise leveling requirements: Second Order / Class I according to National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Standards Data
  • Information provided for each benchmark: Orthometric Height in KSA-VRF14 & Description Card.

NVN is connected to the National Tide Gauge Network: (

National Vertical Network Map with approximate locations (KMZ)  

To get data from NVN, follow steps described below:
  1. Download National Vertical Network (NVN) map in KMZ format.
  2. Select required benchmarks located in the area of your interest.​
  3. Request the data you need by using the email address: using the information described above.
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