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Privacy Statment
If you send an e-mail through the GASGI portal containing some of your personal data, it may become necessary that we share such data with other agencies or even other departments within the GASGI for a better and more effective service to you. We would certainly not share your personal data with any non-governmental organizations unless they are authorized by the competent agencies of concern to carry out specific government services. Sending your personal data through our portal, would mean that you agree to the storage, processing and use of such data by the GASGI , and that the GASGI ​may, at all times, preserve the right to disclose any part of the information to other competent authorities of concern, whenever it is felt that such disclosure is needed to comply with any public law, regulation or a government request.
The completeness, correctness and truthfulness of the data you send through this portal is the sole responsibility of the sender.
For the safety of your personal data, the electronic storage system and the incoming personal data are secured using adequate security technologies.
This portal may contain links to other websites or portals using different methods for information and privacy protection that differ from the methods we use. But since we cannot bear the responsibility for the content and privacy of other websites, we can only refer you to the privacy notices put by those websites.​
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