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GASGI Board of Directors has approved the Saudi Arabia National Spatial Reference System (SANSRS) as the national reference standard
7 March 2021

Riyadh,23 Rajab 1442H corresponding to March 7, 2021G SPA
The Board of Directors of the General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information (GASGI), meeting under the chairmanship of HRH Crown Prince Mohammad Ibn Salman Ibn Abdel Aziz, Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Board, has approved the Saudi Arabia National Spatial Reference System (SANSRS) as the national reference standard to be used in all survey and geospatial works in the Kingdom.
​ GASGI explained that the decision is yet another evidence of the constant support and attention given by the Kingdom's wise leadership to the survey and geospatial sector in recognition of the important need for the consolidation of geospatial data standards and the need for a national organization of the survey activities, hopefully leading to the optimum exploitation of resources and to an integrated exchange of the geospatial data available to the different organizations concerned.
GASGI also said that as mandated by its organization issued under the Council of Ministers' resolution No. (90) dated 05/02/1442H, it is now working on the organization of the survey and geospatial information sector and related image capturing activities within the Kingdom as well as the upgrading, supervision and control of the sector and any such work as related to it shooting at higher quality  and better performance. GASGI is also working on the approval and upgrade of the National Geospatial Infrastructure, the National Geodetic Reference Framework along with setting the Sector's basic and guidance standards and controls. In this context, GASGI has established the Saudi Arabia National Spatial Reference System (SANSRS) based on the computation of the National Geodetic Reference Framework accomplished in collaboration with a number of other national organizations active in the field.
SANSRS is now taking force as a standard spatial system to be used in all location applications, serve as the standard base for each and every geospatial product and positively contribute to the consolidation of the standards for geospatial production and the coordinated joint efforts being made among the various sectors of concern across the Kingdom. It also has the advantage of providing for the integration of various types of geospatial data and the consistency of the survey and mapping activities throughout the Kingdom. 
By making this general statement, GASGI wishes to stress to all those concerned in the geospatial information sector that the use of SANSRS is important for all sorts of survey works and geospatial data. The aim is to achieve the integration of survey products and geospatial data and the ultimate goal is to increase the product's quality, avoid errors and come to an easy use of resources.