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Online VRF & GEOID Transformation Service
​​​​​The KSA Height Transformation Tool is online tool for the transformation of:
  • Orthometric heights defined in Vertical Reference Frames (KSA-SVD78 or KSA-JED69) to those defined in the latest Kingdom of Saudi Arabia VRF (KSA-VRF14).
  • Geoid heights from the KSA-GEOID09 geoid to those from the latest geoid model KSA-GEOID17.
The Tool can be used in both “Single point” (one point) and “Multi point” (multiple points saved into text file) modes.
Before the transformation, the user has to input three values into the value fields or the input file of the software:
  • Latitude.
  • Longitude.
  • Height/Geoid Height.
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