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Tide data:
Analyzing and processing data and making use of it in developing the fields of marine research and coastal zone research, contributing to its progress and producing marine publications that contribute to maintaining navigational safety in accordance with international maritime laws and regulations.

Meteorological data:
Analyzing and processing data and providing the competent authorities (government and private) with them to benefit from them.

Issuing a book of tide tables for the coasts of of Saudi Arabia:
Tide Tables Book contributes to the safety of maritime navigation by providing full year data for the coasts of Saudi Arabia, which helps seafarers avoid some dangers and maintain their safety.

Production of tidal vertical reference tables for paper and electronic nautical charts:
They are tables that contribute to identifying specific areas in marine navigational paper and electronic charts in order to know sea levels in this area and at a specific time to avoid any dangers threatening maritime safety.

Determining the Saudi (Coastline, Baseline):
The coastline and baseline are determined by analyzing tidal data and projecting water levels over the coasts of Saudi Arabia, which contribute to determining coastal areas and territorial waters.
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