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Project Objectives:
This project aims to collect meteorological data - marine in the Red Sea to provide recordsof approved data on an ongoing basis. These data can be entered into prediction models or used by decision makers and those working in the marine environment directly or one of its sub-fields.

Project stages:
The first stage:
Supplying the two floats with the required sensors

  • The university carried out the supply process, and in cooperation with the GCS, the sensors and their locations were selected, and during this stage.
  • Preparing employees to work for the project and all permits and visas required to work inside the Kingdom.
  • Obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.
  • Calibration of devices, systems, and all programs and sensors.

The second stage:
Take down the floats
The landing and fixation phase took place immediately after the first phase, where the sites were chosen by the GCS to achieve the safety of maritime navigation and provide marine data for decision makers.

The third stage:
Warranty stage

18 months warranty from the date of official delivery (including anchors and their sensors / items with insurance, replacement, safety, security and preventive maintenance).

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