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Project name:
Project of producing nautical chart in Saudi marine waters
Project Type:
Production project
Duration of the project:  12 months
Project end date:  06/11/2020 (the project is suspended from date 03/15/2020 AD to its date)
Project scope of work: 
  • Providing operators of Computer Auxiliary Information Systems (CARIS) with practical experience of at least 10 years in the production of nautical charts and marine products, which includes adequate and comprehensive knowledge of the following applications:
    1. CARIS Base Editor.
    2. CARIS HPD Suite such as Project Editor, Source Editor, Paper Chart Editor and Product Editor.
    3. Quality control (QC) programs and applications used to certify products such as (dkart Inspector), (SevenCs Suite and ENC Analyzer).
    4. Similar programs related to map production such as (Global Mapper) and (Adobe Suite such as Photoshop, Acrobat Pro and Illustrator).
  • The production of 79 maps (44 electronic navigation maps (ENC) and paper (PNC), and the production of 35 maps for coastal zone management (CZMC)) according to the best practices of marine mapping.
  • All products must comply with the latest international standards for the production of marine maps, which include the following versions of the (IHO): Issuance of standards (S4) including INT1 and INT2, (S52), (S57), (S100), (S101) and (S102) for the production of marine navigation charts in both paper (PNC) and electronic (ENC) parts.
  • All products and outputs comply with the requirements and specifications of the General Commission for Survey GCS for the production of marine maps (see Appendix No (5).
  • All products and outputs comply with standards and procedures for operating and managing the Marine Survey Database (HDM), including nomenclature agreements and operating methods.
  • All product and output formulas are in accordance with the formulas mentioned below or any instructions issued by the Commission during the progress of the map production project.
Raster Charts: (Geo TIFF, JPEG2000, BSB, HCRF, TFW and ECW).
Vector Charts: (CARIS Map, DWG, DXF, DGN, S-57, SHAPE and HOB).
Processed Data: (BASE, XYZ, GSF, HTF, LAS, NTX, HYD93 and BAG).
Data Output: (BASE Surface, sounding set, BAG and ASCII).

  • Obtaining the approval of the (GCS) upon completion of evaluating the inputs of any map according to the appropriate formulas, before moving on to the next stage of production work.
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